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Recessed lighting puts a modern touch on illumination. It’s an attractive lighting design option, providing excellent ambient lighting that works with almost any style of decor. Freedom Electric LLC can install recessed lighting in any room of your home in Manchester and Hooksett, New Hampshire. These fixtures can be a dramatic change from other overhead lighting options, such as pendant lights, chandeliers and flush-mounted lights, but learning more about recessed lighting may inspire you to make the switch.

Benefits of Installing Recessed Lighting

Many love the modern, clean look of recessed lighting. It’s stylish without being bulky. It’s often available with dimmer switches, allowing you to set the brightness level to your desired preferences. 

Recessed lighting can also accentuate a particular area. For instance, if you’re not a fan of pendant lighting over a kitchen island, you could opt for recessed lighting instead. It easily shines over the space where you’re most likely to do your meal prep and where you need brightness for safety purposes. 

Another perk of recessed lighting is that it offers significant illumination throughout an entire space thanks to its even spacing via multiple openings. Doing the same with another type of lighting, such as flush-mounted ceiling lights, would provide a similar effect but might be unsightly. 

The limited surface level of recessed lighting makes it easier to clean than other lighting alternatives. Other types of light fixtures, such as chandeliers, are much more cumbersome to dust due to their larger surfaces and nooks and crannies. Using a dry cloth to clean the lens and trim typically suffices.

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